Florida Air National Guard


Age: Individuals without prior military service must be between the ages of 17 and 40. If you're 17, you must be a high school senior and get parental consent from both biological parents. Individuals with prior service must be able to serve 20 years for retirement before age 60.

Physical: Individuals must pass an enlistment physical and meet the height and weight standards per Air Force Instruction. 

Education and Aptitude: Individuals must possess a high school diploma or equivalent. High school seniors require a letter of intent to graduate. Individuals must pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) exam. 

Citizenship: Individuals must be a United States citizen in order to obtain a security clearance.

Law Violations: Individuals with a felony conviction will be disqualified. Misdemeanor offenses and traffic violations will be reviewed.

Military Training: Individuals without prior military service must complete Basic Military Training and formal technical training school for the Air Force. All individuals must report for one weekend a month and 15 annual training days a year at minimum.

ASVAB Study Material




Patriotism and an opportunity to serve your community, nation and fellow Americans.

Camaraderie and family activities to include family days and holiday parties for adults and children.

  • Pays 100% college tuition (Florida funded schools only) through Educational Dollars for Duty (EDD). 
  • The EDD program also funds private schools (up to a Florida funded school Rates)
  • Montgomery GI Bill

  • Earn an Associate's Degree through the Community College of the Air Force.

  • Earn credits toward a civilian degree.

  • Free CLEP and DANTES exams

  • Cash bonus for critical career fields. 

  • Learn a career that you can use in the civilian world.

  • Military privileges including base exchange, commissary, recreational equipment and resort facilities.

  • Military discounts throughout the community.

  • Space Available flights on military aircraft in continental Unites States, Hawaii, Alaska and US territories. 

  • Free physical examinations and immunizations.

  • $400,000 Service Members Group Life Insurance policy.

  • Veteran's Administration Home Loan (after completion of first six year contract)

  • Federal retirement at age 60 with 20 good years of active and reserve service.

ANG Youtube

Check out the Air National Guard YouTube Channel to see videos on the missions, people, and careers in the ANG.