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  • Airmen return from historic deplyment

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (October 7, 2019) – Airmen, family members and friends gathered at the 125th Fighter Wing to welcome home over 200 members of the wing who returned home from a deployment to Southwest Asia.
  • F-15Cs forward deploy in Exercise Hype Eagle

    The 159th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron forward deployed two F-15C Eagles and 14 maintainers from Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates, to Prince Sultan Air Base, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as part of Exercise Hype Eagle.
  • Florida Air National Guard offers new process to commission

    Brig. Gen. Scott Croxton, the Florida Air National Guard chief of staff, and Brig. Gen. Brian Simpler, the commander of the Florida Air National Guard, explain the new Officer Commissioning Program and its goals to a group of enlisted Airmen from the 125th Fighter Wing during a professional development seminar held at Saint Francis Barracks September 6.
  • 601st AOC's AMD provides critical link during hurricane relief

    In the throes of a hurricane, emerging requirements for military air assets throughout the affected area can create a chaotic web of demand signals with varying levels of priority.  When those demands require the use of U.S. Transportation Command or Air National Guard assets, it is the job of the Air Mobility Division in the 601st Air Operations
  • Army and Air work jointly to help put South Florida back together

    With beautiful sparkling waters in shades of green and blue, one would never know a massive hurricane just came through. The lay of the land, however, proved just that. Destruction and chaos now make up much of South Florida, worsening the further south you go. Boats in shambles, big hearty trees uprooted, RVs tipped over, semis swimming,
  • 202nd RED HORSE, the calm of the storm

    Airmen from the 202nd RED HORSE of Camp Blanding, Florida, split into five teams and spread throughout South Florida. After riding out Hurricane Irma in a high school football team’s weight room in Sebring, they dispersed the next morning, on a mission to the hardest-hit areas.“The primary purpose for engineers in a hurricane response of this scale
  • Florida Airmen poised and ready for action before Hurricane Irma

    Lt. Col. Theresa Travis, operations officer for the 202nd, said the plan is to position the REDHORSE Airmen before Hurricane Irma hits so they are poised and ready for action. “Once the storm passes, we give a battle damage assessment,” said Travis. Travis said after a storm, especially one of this magnitude, there is widespread damage and debris
  • Why strategic planning is key at the 125th Fighter Wing

    Mirrors line the walls, enhancing the natural light slipping through a few partially curtained windows. A large screen is centered before the two rows of tables, arranged in a slight semi-circle, giving each attendee ample viewing. The room is large enough to accommodate everyone, yet small enough to not require a microphone for anyone speaking. A
  • Airman recognized in Portraits in Courage for heroic act

    PeeJay E. Jack was born to immigrant parents who left Trinidad and Tobago to pursue a better life in America; his father joined the Army and his mother became a registered nurse. Jack’s parents instilled a sense of compassion in him and his siblings from an early age. Those lessons followed Jack into his adult life and made him the person he is
  • First STARBASE summer camp on Camp Blanding

    Noise fills the room, spilling out the doors and down the hall. Chatter, laughter, and even an occasional squeal can be heard. The smiles of both students and teachers depict a happy crowd overall.For the first time ever, STARBASE summer camp was available at Camp Blanding, Florida, for the Army National Guard. This Science, Technology, and