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The 125th Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office can provide FLANG members with the following studio services: officialgovernment passportISOPREP and visa photos.

Official photos are considered "head and shoulders photos" in which the subject is positioned beside a U.S. flag in front of a gray background. These photos are typically used for biographies, chain of command walls, award packages and developmental special duty applications.

ISOPREP photos show a subject's head and shoulders in uniform t-shirt in front of a white background. Subject will first be facing the camera, then will face their left for a right-side profile photo.

- The PA office can only provide passport or visa photo services when the photos are used for official government travel.

To schedule head & shoulder and ISOPREP photos, please use the link above to schedule an appointment and send a completed AF Form 833 to Official Photo requests are available Tu-F 0900 - 1100 every week and on Sat from 0900 - 1100 on RSD weekends. Passport and visa photos must be manually scheduled and are only available on an as-needed basis.

Your uniform and appearance must be in compliance with AFI 36-2903. If your uniform is not in compliance with AFI 36-2903, PA is not authorized to complete the appointment and it must be re-scheduled to a later date.

All photos will be emailed to the customer by close of business on the day the photo is taken. ISOPREP photos will be sent to the subject's UDM as listed on the submitted AF833. Passport and visa photos will typically be processed, printed and returned to the requestor during the appointment.

For further questions, contact the PA office at Comm (904) 741-7030 / DSN 641-7030.

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Visual Information

Visual Information is information in the form of visual representations of persons, places, and/or things. VI professionals create, develop record, assemble, and enhance visual and audio data into meaningful information. VI includes still photography, motion photography, audio, video, computer-based products, and graphics. VI excludes alphabetic, symbolic, or coded data. VI production is the process of structuring data from two or more media into a cohesive linear or non-linear format or product according to a plan or a script.

VI materials generated or acquired by Air Force members, employees, or contractors in conducting official duties are the property of the United States Air Force. Personal use of VI materials for sale or any other reason not directly related to an official Air Force activity is prohibited. Use of personally-owned or self-help equipment requires users to adhere to operational security, PA, historical archiving, and information security guidelines. All military-related VI must be reviewed and approved by PA prior to public release.