Col. Simpler's Compelling Message to 125FW Personnel

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Combat Airmen of the 125th Fighter Wing,

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."
-Coach Phil Jackson

Regardless of your position on our team, ALL of you are essential. There are no "non-essential" members here at the 125th. We cannot let 'labels' of exempt, non-exempt, technician, drill-status, AGR, etc. divide us or detract from the fact that we are all equally important. We are in a critical situation because 100% of our team is not present for duty, in fact, 75% of us are not even allowed to report to the base. Yet still, our team is solid and because of this, we will make it through these trying times. Whether you are furloughed, not allowed to drill, deployed, or at the Wing, our team needs each and every one of you. Please remain vigilant as wingmen and look out for one another. Some days may be challenging and we may even question our importance, but know this, in my eyes I see the greatest team in the world! It's this way because of Airmen like you: The Combat Airmen of the 125th Fighter Wing.

I'm proud to serve with each of you,
Col. Simpler