Airmen from the 125th Fighter Wing's Force Support Squadron, deploy amidst government shutdown.

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Jacksonville International Airport, Jacksonville, Fla.--The 125th Fighter Wing Commander, Col. Brian Simpler, along with fellow members of the 125FW, family and friends gathered to see 125FW Services Airmen depart for a deployment, today, Oct. 4, 2013, at Jacksonville International Airport.

Staff Sgt. Jessica Howell, Staff Sgt. Eugene Black and Senior Airman Quasar Meadows, all 125FW Services Specialists, are deploying in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and will be gone for approximately six months.

During a time of uncertainty with many Florida Air National Guard members furloughed, due to the government shutdown, these Airmen are departing on a selfless journey to serve their country.

"We could not be more proud of these Airmen deploying today," Simpler told those in attendance. "They are highly trained and dedicated Airmen who are leaving to make our Wing, their families and their Country proud. We wish them safe travel and look forward to seeing them return."

While deployed they will join with other Air Force Units and become part of their team, while all the time representing what the 125FW has to offer. These Airmen will ensure duties such as administering food facilities, lodging facilities, fitness and recreation facilities and mortuary affairs are accomplished, so the total mission will be a success. The training they receive here, at the 125th Fighter Wing, will allow them to excel in the deployed environment they will soon be operating in.

"Seeing fellow Airmen from, our unit, leave for deployment; watching them say goodbye to their families and friends, reveals the realization that there are thousands abroad ,every day, ensuring this nation remains safe and secure," 2nd Lt. Corey Clark remarks. "These three will be in our thoughts and prayers in the months to come."