"Mission Ready" Rating for Detachment 1

  • Published
  • By Lt Justin Phillips
  • 125th Fighter Wing
Detachment 1, 125th Fighter Wing, Homestead Air Reserve Base, Fla., earned a "Mission Ready" rating when inspected by the Northern Air Defense inspection team in December.

The inspection team report was laden with descriptions such as "pristine jets," "alert expertise evident," "maintainers take pride in the mission" and "strong airmanship," all resulting in the near perfect inspection.

To ensure the Airmen knew how important this inspection was, Florida Air National Guard leadership -- to include Assistant Adjutant General Air of Florida Brig. Gen. James Eifert -- met with Detachment 1 personnel to congratulate the team and recognize outstanding performers Feb. 6.

Col. Brian Simpler, 125th Fighter Wing Commander, told those in attendance, "This inspection validates what you already know -- you know it's a no-fail mission, you know you have to perform it every day because there is no second chance when it comes to the Alert mission."

"You never know when you come to work, if it will be another normal day or if you will be tested to your extreme limits," he said.

The inspection covered all aspects of the alert mission, aircraft condition and maintenance, weapons systems and pilot operations. These inspections are no notice and are conducted by an Air Force alert facility inspection team that travels the country making certain Air Force alert sites are mission ready.

Brig. Gen. Eifert emphasized his appreciation to all those involved in the preparation and execution of this vital mission, and said that the results of this inspection continue to build upon the reputation of excellence the Florida Air National Guard has developed in the world of air superiority.

"These results are as close to perfect as you can get on an AFE and this was all made possible by the dedication of those of you in this room and those who support the mission from 125th Fighter Wing in Jax," he said. "I could not be more proud of how this group represents the Florida Air National Guard and more importantly ensures our coastline is safe 24/7."