Security Forces Get Unconventional During Tactical Training Exercise

  • Published
  • By Airman Nitza Reynolds
  • 125th Fighter Wing
Airmen from the 125th Security Forces Squadron are participating in a training exercise at Camp Blanding Joint Training Center, Florida to help them prepare for upcoming deployments. These Airmen, with help and guidance from Counterdrug Task Force Training Instructors, who are also part of the Florida National Guard's 20th Special Forces group, are being trained on how to move tactically in an urban environment, assault target buildings while under fire, and the basics of air base defense.

Tech. Sgt. Kyle Showalter, 125th Security Forces Training Section, believes this training will be beneficial to airmen by taking them out of their comfort zones and using different styles of training.

"I want them to get a little bit more experienced to be able to see a different mindset. Traditionally, Security Forces is trained as a conventional force. These guys need to get out of that a little bit... and get more unconventional. That seems to be the type of warfare we're dealing with now and thinking in a 360 degree mindset as opposed to just one post, one way, at one time. They need to be able to see opposite threats, all threats all around them" said Showalter.

According to Airman 1st Class Austin Hendrix, 125th Security Forces Squadron, the training that he and the other security forces airmen are going through has been helpful in getting them comfortable and ready for deployment.

"Part of this training is for the group to get situated and learn how to tactically move and to try to get us ready. We will be deploying in a few months so we're trying to get everyone prepared for what might happen downrange" Hendrix said.

This team of instructors has a lot of experience between them that is necessary for effective training. Along with the extensive training, knowledge, and experience of the National Guard Counterdrug instructors, there is a team of security forces instructors from the 125th Fighter Wing.  All of these instructors have deployed to multiple locations, worked with local national forces, and third country national forces. The different levels and types of experience that these instructors have will help prepare the Airmen for any situation they may encounter.

"All that experience comes into play with these troops when they get out overseas and see what they're going to see. Some of them are going to more built bases than others; some of them may get forward deployed to other places. You could be sitting in Qatar one day and be in the middle of Afghanistan the next. I want these guys to be able to react and do everything that they need to do. And that's when this experience comes into play. Several of these people have different experiences; I've never been to Afghanistan but I've been to Iraq three times. Different levels of experience in different places really help to round off the training" said Showalter.