The Drive Behind the Food Drive at the 202nd Red Horse

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Carlynne Devine
  • 125th Fighter Wing
This time of year promotes giving, especially to those around us who are less fortunate.  Staff Sgt. Andrew Lott, an Airman assigned to the 202nd REDHORSE Squadron (RHS), was the 'drive' behind this year's food drive turning into a friendly competition.

Various sections from the 202nd RHS were organized into three teams, with the incentive for winning simply being bragging rights around the squadron for the next year. Collections were accepted throughout November and December with the winners being announced during December's Unit Training Assembly. 

The winners were the Airmen from the Cantonment section, which included not only Lott but another sergeant who brought in over 200 items by herself.  This highly successful food drive brought in over 800 items in total that will be turned over to the Green Cove Springs Food Pantry this week. 

"When the pantry gets here to collect our donations--that is when it will all hit home," he said. "I am very excited and proud of what we were able to do for our local community here at the horse."

When asked where his passion stems from, Lott explained that as a child his father was laid off from GM for quite some time, putting his family in need of a little help. He recalls a food truck coming through to provide meals to families in need and what a difference that made for his family. Lott emphasized how a small sacrifice can make a big difference to those in need.

"Instead of dinner out, just one time this month, go to the store," Lott recommends. "Everybody needs help sometimes, why not be that helping hand that helps someone right now?"

Although prepping for deployment, he is already making plans to start another food drive when he returns.  As he pointed out, soup kitchens and food pantries struggle to make it an entire year on just the food items donated during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Lott's vision is to offset the void by running a food drive in the middle of summer.