202nd RED HORSE completes rigorous inspection

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  • By Staff Sgt. Bill Nicholls
  • 202nd RED HORSE
That was the assessment of Florida Air National Guard Commander Brig. Gen.
Joseph Balskus on a Unit Compliance Inspection (UCI) completed this week on the 202nd RED HORSE Squadron. Brig. Gen. Balskus said RED HORSE had "zero areas that did not comply! Only one other time in RED HORSE history did they have a RED HORSE unit that had zero areas that did not comply -- and that was TEN years ago! The signage, landscaping, foyer with the big screen television, attitude, and most important of all -- the heart -- it all counted. I'm proud of each and every one of you!"

For 108 "mandays," eighteen United States Air Force inspectors and eight observers evaluated the RED HORSE in Logistics, Supply, Vehicle Maintenance, Services, and many other areas. 202nd Commander Col. Jack Paschal said RED HORSE performance was "outstanding. We had zero 'does not comply'...and no findings." (Does not comply/"findings" would have been areas not in compliance and/or significant deficiencies).

Col. Paschal said the UCI team "dug very, very hard. The average RED HORSE unit has about six DNC (does not comply) areas. We had zero. The UCI team evaluated everything. They dug, dug, and dug some more. They checked compliance with Air Force rules and regulations, as well as domestic laws and public laws. Unit Compliance Inspections serve a purpose, because they force us to be in compliance with rules and regulations, which we always try to do, of course -- but there are always little nuggets they see, because they're the experts in that field. We did extremely well for one reason: Team! It's always the team."

Chief Master Sgt. Douglas Gilbert said the comments he received from the inspectors all had a consistent theme: "Remarkable! Best we've seen in ten years! Obvious preparation, great attitude!"

Chief Gilbert said an additional positive factor was that "when UCI team members went out on the RED HORSE compound, every Airman was engaged, motivated, working--pouring concrete, building a wall--it was all good stuff, and this was a very rigorous UCI!"

Chief Master Sgt. Larry Linton thanked all RED HORSE members for the hard work they demonstrated during the UCI, and reaffirmed feedback from the
Inspectors: "They said all our personnel were very professional, and added the difference from other units they've inspected was like night and day."

Four RED HORSE Teams and seven Airmen were selected as Superior Performers.
Team winners included Civil Engineer Operations Team, Demolition Team, Logistics Team, and Vehicle Maintenance Team. Individual winners were Master Sgt. Christopher S. Liston, Master Sgt. Jeffrey L. Stanley, Tech. Sgt. Joshua R. Crews, Tech. Sgt. Bryan A. Fletcher, Tech. Sgt. Andrew D. Richardson, Staff Sgt. Monica B. Real, and Staff Sgt. Jessica M. Blydenburgh.