Enhancing Human Capital: Lessons Learned From the Course and the Instructor

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Carlynne Devine
  • 125th Fighter Wing
 Two instructors from the Air Force's Profession of Arms Center of Excellence (PACE) came to the 125th Fighter Wing Aug. 10-13, 2016, to teach a course titled Enhancing Human Capital (EHC).  Col. Richard Tatem and Senior Master Sgt. Keith Castille gave new insight on leadership to commanders, chiefs, and junior enlisted members on topics including 'overcoming personal bias' and 'learning your why,' among others.

"My three sons are my why," Castille said.  "That's who I live for, that's who I work for."

Although PACE did not debut until March 2015, Professional Military Education (PME) has long been a part of the Air Force culture.  The Air Force encourages forward progression in every Airman, enlisted and commissioned; as such, classes are ongoing, with highly qualified people in place to facilitate them.

Castille began his public speaking career when given a special duty assignment as a PME Instructor at Kisling Noncommissioned Officer Academy on Kapaun Air Station, Germany.  Since then he has had several opportunities to teach Professional Development and Senior Noncommissioned Officer (SNCO) Enhancement seminars, and is one of only seven instructors in the nation teaching the EHC course. 

Castille shared some very personal stories during his class, proving how obstacles can either stand in the way or be a powerful motivation, depending on how a person faces them.

"I'm where I'm at today because of things that have happened [to me]," said Castille.

Castille also said he believes in what he does and why.

"This course brings out a better version of yourself," Castille elaborated.  "It's doing what you can to increase the probability of influencing the people around you, influencing yourself to be better.  Look at the areas where you can be better, improve upon those areas, and in turn it will improve you as a person and as an Airman - every facet of your life, which will in turn improve our Air Force."